Are you and your students tired of the same old fundraisers that most schools have been doing for years? Selling products like chocolate bars, wrapping paper, cookie dough and discount cards... and your school only gets to keep 50% of the profits --- Yuck!

We know that deciding which fundraising program to go with can be the most critical part when it comes to raising money for your school. Selecting the right program can be the difference between needing to hold three or four school fundraisers throughout the year (mostly like the ones listed above), or holding just one successful fundraiser that meets your school’s goals.

Our fundraising program is incredibly simple with the potential to raise substantial money! Best of all, your school keeps up to 70% of the profits! Take advantage of our cool new technology combined with social media tools and personalized web pages to maximize your fundraising potential.

Here is how our school fundraising program works:
  • Sign Up! Contact us to get started right away!

  • Share! Your students connect with friends, family & sponsors to raise money for your program
    • Students share a link to their personalized fundraising web page
    • Friends, family & sponsors donate funds towards your school’s outdoor movie night
    • Track your overall progress through the custom school fundraising page we provide

  • Enjoy! Pick a date for your movie night and invite all of your students and supporters to attend
    • FunFlicks provides EVERYTHING for your movie night (including the movie licensing)
    • Sell concessions at your movie night to raise even more money!

  • Celebrate! Announce your fundraising results before your movie starts!
    • Advertise big donors on our big screen!

Our fundraising packages are designed around how much money you need to raise for your school. These packages are designed to accommodate the estimated number of people that may attend your movie night event and are based on an average donation amount of $20 and approximately half of your supporters coming out for your movie night event.


The following examples assume that only half of your students actively participate in your fundraising program. The more students that participate, the fewer dollars are needed to raise per student to meet your goals!


This program is being offered by the FunFlicks national licensing company with local movie night events being run by your local FunFlicks licensee.

Call us today and start earning more money for your school and have more fun doing it than ever before!

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