1. How do I pick my movie title? Do you have suggestions?
We have partnered with Swank Motion Pictures to offer your school thousands of available movie titles to choose from! You can click this link to see a list of the Top 20 most popular recent films. Contact our Fundraising Specialist to help you select an exciting movie title for your event!
2. Where can I hold my movie night?
Ideally your movie event would be held somewhere on your school campus. If you can't get a location on your school campus, contact us and we will help you with ideas for locations to hold your outdoor movie event.
3. How much money can we raise?
Our fundraisers are designed for organizations to who want to raise $5,000 - $25,000 however our program can be used to raise as much as much as $50,000
4. How many students can participate?
Our program is designed for up to 1000 students/participants however if you have more people that you would like to have participate in your fundraiser please contact us for additional details.
5. Can we have business sponsors?
Yes, we recommend five different sponsorship packages (see: Start-up Kit w/signed Agreement) where businesses can have their logos or even commercials displayed on our screen at your outdoor movie event/fundraiser.
6. Can we sell advertising on the big screen?
Yes! We recommend five standard sponsorship options in the Start-up Kit (see: Start-up Kit w/signed Agreement). You can offer additional on screen advertising opportunities as well.
7. Can we sell concessions at our movie night?
Yes! Selling popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pizza, sodas & water is a great way to increase the bottom line for your fundraising efforts!
8. What happens if our school does not meet its goal?
We have a minimum fundraising goal of $5,000 in order for your school/organization to hold an outdoor movie night at the end of your fundraising period. Contact us for specific details about options for handling fundraisers that do not meet the minimum funding requirements.
9. Does this fundraiser cost our school anything?
There are no upfront costs associated with running an outdoor movie night fundraiser. All of the costs associated with holding your fundraiser are covered through the split of the proceeds raised. Your school/organization keeps up to 70% of the funds raised through our program!
10. Can we fundraise in teams (i.e. classes or grades compete against each other to raise the most money)?
Yes! Fundraising by grade, team or class is a great way to raise more money and creates competition between classmates and groups. Just let us know when you sign up and we'll take care of the rest!
11. How do we promote our movie night with students and their families?
We provide promotional materials through our film licensing company as well as electronic PDF's to be printed and shared with students and parents. The marketing pieces come in the form of business branded movie posters, tents, etc.
12. Can we accept cash donations?
Our fundraising program is designed to accept payments online only so that you don't have to track payments, collect cash or handle paperwork.
13. Is the donation web site secure?
Yes, we used 256 bit SSL encryption technology on your donation website.
14. How easy is it to administer the Ultimate Movie Night Fundraiser? What does the school need to do?
FunFlicks makes it incredibly easy to administer your fundraiser because we do all the work for you! All you have to do is provide the URL links (that we provide) with your students to share with their friends and family. Your school provides your school colors, your mascot, a logo file and a list of all students that will be participating in the fundraiser…… FunFlicks does the rest!
15. How does the web site work?
We build a school webpage and up 1,000 individual web pages for each participant. All of your supporter's donations are displayed on each individual's page and is aggregated and displayed on your school's homepage so you can constantly monitor your school's success!
16. Can we customize our school web page or the individual student pages?
Yes, there are some customizations available, talk with your fundraising specialist for additional details.
17. Can anyone attend our movie night or do they need a "ticket"?
That's entirely up to you however we suggest having your supporters bring their donation receipt to the movie night as their admission. "Selling" tickets is not allowed using this fundraising program due to copyright laws.
18. Are there incentives or prizes for top fundraisers?
Yes, we can help you develop an incentive program that meets your school's needs. We offer the FunFlicks Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for the top student or group that raises the most money as part of your program, along with prizes based on your fundraising results.
19. How can we make more money with our fundraiser?
You can maximize your fundraising by ensuring that as many students as possible participate. You can also get sponsorships from local businesses to support the four different elements of the movie night along with selling concessions. You may want to consider additional options such as holding raffles either online or at the movie night or hold an auction before/after your movie!
20. What screen sizes come with the 3 available packages?
For fundraising goals of $5,000 - $14,999 FunFlicks provides the Blockbuster Screen
For fundraising goals of $15,000 - $24,999 FunFlicks provides the Elite Screen
For fundraising goals of $25,000 FunFlicks provides the Epic Screen
21. Are there other screen sizes available?
FunFlicks has up to 6 screen sizes available, however the Blockbuster, Elite & Epic Screens are the sizes provided as part of our fundraising program.